Revenue Update for July

In the ongoing interest in transparency around my efforts and experiments in drawing financial support together for the website and podcast, here is the update for this past month.

AdBard continues to be a bit of a disappointment. I earned around two dollars and fifty sense. Again, that is money I wouldn’t have earned at all if I wasn’t participating but the downward trend in earning continues though it does appear to be slowing. In terms of my site’s ranking, it has slipped a little bit, just past the top quartile. I don’t think that is entirely proportional with the diminishing returns. The maximum I could earn if all the ads slots in the network are sold and the full rate is charged is just a bit more than thirty dollars, which is respectable for my traffic but still half my projected maximum when I started.

I sent out one custom merit badge in July for a one time donation. I retained all thirteen ongoing donors whose contributions totaled to just shy of fifty dollars. The merit badge experiment still remains far and a way my most successful experiment almost single handedly covering my recurring expenses in terms of web site hosting, media hosting, etc. There are still just over twenty badges left for anyone else interested in earning one. If you’ve already earned one and haven’t sent me a picture of it attached, please feel free to send one along for me to share with everyone else.

My most recent experiment, with the flat rate micro payment system Flattr, continues to exceed my expectations. My earnings last month were up about a quarter over June. I received almost 19 euro worth of Flattrs which is not a lot compared to the top sites using the system. For me, though, it is roughly half of my revenue from recurring donations. After my outgoing means for the last couple of months, I’ve banked a bit over thirty euro. This could grow into the kind of surplus that will really help with making it out to technology conferences next year. I still have some Flattr invites if you are curious, just email me and I’ll send one a code.

Given my level of input into these experiments, which was minimal over the past month, I am very pleased with the results. I am looking forward to the anticipated surpluses, even though they’ll still be small, and being able to explain in some future podcast episode with an interview at a conference or live event recording that it was brought in part through listener support. I am also eager to spin up another experiment but to be honest August and early September are going to be brutally busy already. Stay tuned in the Fall, though, as I already have an idea, I just want for time to pursue it.

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