Excellent Podcast. I almost passed this one up since I just had a chance to listen to it now. I can relate with your your hyper-serial tasking, and have some suggestions on tools that have worked for me. I will not say that these are the best tools out there, but they have been working for me and wish to share them:

1) Look at the book Get things Done, by David Allen. While he does not show some specific tools and techniques on how to process actions, some of which seem a little dated, for me his methodology on collecting and processing information is very good.
2) Look at a program called getontracks http://www.getontracks.org. This is a tool that is based upon David Allen’s GTD methodology. The key things that I like about this tool is that it is a web application so it does not tie you to one computer or device that it has to be accessed from. I found that using a program that was installed on only one computer or one PDA forced me to always go back the tool on that single point. With a web service, it gives more flexibility on accessing it. If there is a need to get the tool up and running fast without understanding or troubleshooting on how to get it running, bitnami. (www.bitnami.org) has an excellent set of pre-compiled package for this application in either windows, linux or mac.
3) pen and paper in your pocket for those really quick issues.