Jail Breaking an iPhone Just Got Easier

My aging first generation iPod Touch is well out of warranty. So far out that I apparently no longer qualify for updates from Apple and have even had a couple of apps removed that increased their minimum OS version higher than a version I can currently install. At this point, I have entirely nothing to lose by jail breaking my iPod Touch.

Imagine my delight on seeing the news flash through the infosphere that the latest evolution of jail breaking for iPhones, iPods and iPads is a new web site you can visit and hack your device without having to download to or run anything from your desktop system.

Adrianne Jeffries at RWW is one of many with the scoop including full credit to those responsible.

The jailbreak is credited to hacker comex and the website is credited to westbaer and chpwn. Hacker Clayton Braasch posted an FAQ here. An alternative link to the jailbreak is available at http://jailbreakme.modmyi.com/.

Jeffries mentions the DMCA section 1201 exception that I discussed in the last podcast, the one making it legal to jail break your smart phone. I doubt that bit of legal esoterica entered into the minds of the hackers since that limit on the DMCA’s criminalization of breaking DRM doesn’t go so far as to legalize distributing the tools to set your phone free. I am curious, though, if anyone has done a legal analysis as to whether simply visiting a web site and sliding your finger qualifies as distribution, enough so to make a suit against the hackers feasible.

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