I’ll Be in San Francisco Aug 9th through 11th for Cassandra Summit 2010

I have finalized my plans to attend my first purely technical conference in years. Better yet, my employer is funding it as part of their new professional development program. I will be flying out to San Francisco Monday night, August 9th, and attending the Cassandra Summit 2010 at the Mission Bay Conference Center on Tuesday. I’ll be sticking around for the training day on Wednesday being offered by Riptano. I’ve been hacking on some prototype code based on Cassandra for my day job and am now working full time to transition a forked version of our codebase to run on top of it instead of a relational database.

If you’re going to be at either the Summit or the training day let me know. Better yet, come and find me and say hi. If you are in the San Francisco area or can get there easily, I will have two evenings more or less to myself while in town. I have recommendations for a couple of brewpubs. If anyone wants to gather for a meetup, let me know and I’ll organize something.

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