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  • Data sorting record: 1TB, 1 minute
    HT [si]dragon.
  • Latest in Perfect 10 case rejects sloppy takedown notices
    As the EFF explains, this is a small victory in shifting the burden back onto those issuing complaints. The post has some background on the case against Google as well as the clarification by the judge on shoddy, poorly constructed requests being insufficient to prompt a takedown. The even better news is the ruling on some of the notices is not unique though it certainly adds weight for future judicial consideration.
  • FTC wants browsers to block online tracking
  • White House seeking expansion of National Security Letters
    Slashdot links to a Washington Post article explaining the sought after broadening of an already problematic executive power. The White House wants to add “electronic communication transactional records” to the data that can be collected, without a warrant, under one of these letters. Unfortunately, that term is legally vague, not being clearly defined in the relevant laws.

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