Quantum Mechanics Solves Location Based Crypto

io9 continues a surprising streak of nifty, hard science posts on topics quantum. This time, a description of some research out of UCLA solving a problem I didn’t know existed, the need to cryptography tied to a specific location. Unlike classical approaches, the unique realm of quantum mechanics enables this via the no-cloning theorem which observes that quantum states cannot be duplicated. In this instance that means an eavesdropper cannot reproduce key properties needed to fool the system into thinking some communication is secure and intact.

This is an interesting developming when you consider a story I discussed back in March. Existing quantum crypto rigs suffer a certain inflexibility when the end points are in motion. The two notions aren’t quite opposite of each other but considering them both does reflect how processing information with quantum systems leads to some very strange properties and applications indeed.

Quantum mechanics creates location-based cryptography, io9

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