Power Restored

I hadn’t realized how much grazing of my feeds I was doing in the morning over coffee before heading in to work until the outage at the house these last couple of days. Reading and blogging definitely felt compressed, rushed without that extra half hour or so to concentrate exclusively on weeding out a lot of the noise from my feeds. I am happy to be back to this routine, it alleviates the back pressure from my usual info grazing. I normally do so in short bursts scattered throughout the work day.

There still won’t be a new feature cast this week as there simply isn’t enough time to do all the necessary recording and production work in one sitting this evening. Besides, I learned a long time ago the limits of my voice. If I had time to record all the necessary segments, the quality of my voice would suffer from the first part compared to the last.

The silver lining is I get a little more time to review and edit the next two features I’ve written out. I’ve gotten some good input from my friend Chris Miller on the next Inner Chapter where I intend to tackle some thoughts and experiences on scalability. The feature I’ll be producing before that, to be released next week, will be a monologue on the habits of an effective infovore. There will be a news cast before that even returning to the regular schedule for the weekend show. Thanks for your patience.

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