Power Outage

It has been a crazy year for weather in my county, just a few miles outside the nation’s capital–the DC snowpocalypse, a heat wave, a minor earthquake and the most devastating twenty minute storm I’ve ever seen. While some of our neighbors suffered damage, mostly to their parked cars, due to the intense but short lived wind, we managed to squeak by with just a bunch of detritus all over our yard. Unfortunately, power also went out pretty much clear across the county. Our immediate concern is keeping everyone fed without spoilage and to keep the kids distracted.

I had just posted the 2nd weekly update after finishing my notes for last night’s show when the power went out. The browser was literally still spinning on the form submission for the post when my UPS started its plaintive song. I was able to cleanly shutdown my system but clearly was unable to record last night. I am not sure when I will be able to record next, either. Preliminary comments from the power company range between two days and at least a week though the Post this morning said Pepco doesn’t even have an estimate yet.

Thankfully the metro trains were running this morning and downtown DC seems little the worse for wear. I’ll try to keep up blogging for the duration and have posted my notes from the news cast I missed. Until power is restored, I don’t have anyway to fully produce the audio of the show so will be on hiatus until power at the house is restored.

Thankfully having power at work means I can carry in all of the portable entertainment devices for my family and charge them up while I work. Unlike the power loss during the snow storm, the family can also get out of the house and see what in the county gets power back first in the coming days. Only a few blocks from my home, the traffic lights were back on so perhaps communal areas like the library and movie theater will be with power shortly if not already. The temperature has also obligingly dropped a few degrees so the kids can be kicked out into the yard before the cabin fever completely sets in.

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