First Right to Repair Bill Advanced by Massachusetts

Mike Masnick at Techdirt shares what may potentially be good news for consumer rights and DIY’ers. Despite repeated failures at the federal level to introduce a law that allows owners to work on their car despite software and firmware locks, it looks like the states may finally secure this right. Massachusetts hopefully will only be the first to enact such a law, if they are indeed successful.

Auto makers are not the only companies trying to use technological measures like this to control their market. DRM would be an even more obvious example. However, given that is is arguably much easier to persuade law makers and judges that a car is a good owned by the buyer, a right to repair law is ow hanging fruit in terms of pushing back on this rent seeking behavior. I am most interested for how a potential win here may translate to other classes of goods, maybe not digital media and DRM but I could see it forming a beach head into helping to transform consumer rights with cell phones.

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