Digital Economy Act Could Spur More “Pirate” ISPs

The launch of Pirate ISP by the original Pirate Party clearly has the members of the UK Pirate Party thinking. Specifically, they expect that the Digital Economy Act may encourage smaller ISPs to crop up that also resist turning over customer data and do not retain logs.

You would think that refusing to play along with the new law’s deputization of service providers would already be out of bounds but there is apparently a loop hole related to the size of the provider.

However, the Ofcom proposals only apply to large ISPs, which the [UK] Pirate Party says will drive mid-size ISPs to break into smaller companies which fall outside the rules – creating a wave of so-called “Pirate ISPs” in the UK.

The prediction is not that unlikely. In other countries, like South Korea and France, where three strikes rules have come into play, file sharers have managed to route around those responsible for enforcing disconnection. The party specifically anticipates existing ISPs will hive off into smaller operations which also seems more likely than spinning up entirely new services, like the Swedish party did.

Digital Act to Create Pirate ISPs in UK via Slashdot.

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