flashbake is in Debian

I was contacted a few weeks ago by Abhishek Dasgupta. Abhishek offered to put together a package for inclusion in the Debian repositories. There was a short laundry list of fixes, mostly around licensing and documentation, that needed sorting. Over the weekend, I got the official word: flashbake is live in the Debian repositories!

Specifically, it is included in Sid, the version that tracks bleeding edge changes. If you are using Debian as your Linux distro, the installation and upgrade of flashbake just got easier, you can simply use apt just like any other supported piece of software. (Well, assuming you are OK configuring the source for unstable packages.)

Abhishek also set up a PPA for Ubuntu users. Ubuntu is Debian based but expresses some selectivity in what they include in their own repositories. It is possible that some day flashbake may make its way downstream into Ubuntu’s repositories proper but in the meantime, you can add the PPA to your software sources so you can install and update flashbake through Ubuntu’s very friendly software management system.

This is not the first time that flashbake, the bit of version control and life streaming automation that I originally wrote for Cory Doctorow, has been packaged up in this way. A port in the MacPorts project has been available for quite some time. With each new package and repository into which flashbake makes its way, the larger the potential user base is for the little tool I wrote to help authors capture their ambient online information into proper version control for their various projects.

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