Motorola’s Droid X Self Destructs if Modded

Just because the Android platform is open source and thrives because of the ability for anyone, end users or third part phone makers, to modify it doesn’t mean that everyone is necessarily on the same page. MobileCrunch has news of an electronic “fuse” in Motorola’s otherwise well received new handset, the Droid X. Several other sources have picked up the story since it first hit my feeds.

The MobileCrunch post has an update explaining that other Motorola phones have a similar “feature” to prevent tampering with the boot loader. If that is true, I think generalizations about Motorola being against open systems is at least partially true. Clearly they enjoy the benefits that Android’s openness brings, what they are against is owner override. This is more of an issue of whether we own the devices we buy or merely license/rent them. I’d be willing to bet that the fact that Droid X runs an opens tack didn’t even enter into the phone makers thought process behind including an “eFuse”.

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