(Copy-pasta – but change the country to your own.)

On behalf of the larger internet music community, your CTO is hereby notified to Cease and Desist from sending Cease and Desist letters to people in other countries trying to do good things.

Your CxOs’ desire to single-handedly control the way music is sampled, reeks of a colonial, imperialist mentality which is completely obsolete and totally incompatible with the internet.

Your CTO’s emails asking Ron Van Rijn to not release source code are ridiculous at best and disgusting and unconstitutional, anti-freedom-of-speech at worst.

Please issue a public apology to Ron Van Rijn for harassing a good man, or else, face permanent tough love on the Internet and consequently permanently offline.

There’s no telling when and where someone on the road will stop and call you names in public.

If you want to make money, the Internet will give you a 100 new ways every year.

If you want to make money by threatening innocent people and stifling creative philanthropy, the bad reputation you will earn will remain forever and you will not be trusted by anyone again.

Your CxOs have invited a Public Relations nightmare upon themselves.

I hope they have the wisdom to apologise. Here, in Asia, your Intellectual Poverty laws are irrelevant, our Govt is very much sensible, and we continue to not provide a large amount of your revenues despite being populous consumers of all kinds of western music.

Stop being idiots.
Start being techies.

Asian internet music lovers.