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  • Stormy Peters on the desktop, mobile and the cloud
    Another tease for OSCON at O’Reilly Radar, this time James Turner interviews Stormy Peters, executive director of the Gnome Foundation. I am glad to read a practical discussion of bring usability, convenience and freedom together. I don’t necessarily see the cloud as a terrifying bugbear threatening software freedom as RMS has made it out, but I do think we need to be asking for and building services that take user freedom and autonomy into account. I am heartened by how well Stormy hits these very points.
  • Clarifying how user data sharing and advertising works on Facebook
    Berin Szoka at TLF shares a video from Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg. This explanation certainly makes sense on its face and really should be the sort of aspect, as Berin notes, that services that rely on advertising explain at every opportunity. However, it still doesn’t excuse Facebook’s privacy gaffes and Zuckerberg’s mercurial stance about sharing personal information. It also doesn’t explain how the 3rd party partnering Facebook recently launched works, whether there are risks of exposure there or similar care has been taken to appropriately compartmentalize users’ data.
  • Android 2.2 crushes iOS in the arena of JavaScript performance

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