I don’t necessarily disagree about re-conditioning expectations. In fact, you missed my point about complex privacy, I was not suggesting more compartments but rather that there is a nuanced continuum from one simple pole, all open, to the other, all secret. In my view, Facebook’s controls fail for missing that point, perhaps intentionally. My notion of a gauge wasn’t to try to chunk things up but rather to augment our flawed intuitions by calculating something we don’t have a good fingertip feel for yet into a simple number we could more easily visualize until the idea of unevenly dense social fabrics starts to sink in. Ideally, we’ll get to a point where an external metric isn’t necessary so much.

I may not have been clear that my ideas about a complex privacy spectrum and some cognitive aids were about informing our expectations, a la your agreement over education. As with some discussions of privacy that say we need better understanding, I am frustrated by the mere suggestion of education. We need to move past just the notion and start spit-balling ideas we can communicate, implements, share and iterate. My ideas may not be workable but perhaps in failing to advance the state of our expectations, they’ll help lead us to ideas that will ultimately succeed.