June Update on Supporting the Podcast and Blog (Updated)

In the continuing spirit of transparency, here are some quick hits on the variety of means I have been exploring to financially support the podcast and blog.

My participation with AdBard in June was once again disappointing. The numbers were consistent with May, earning about half what I did in the first couple of months. That’s right around two dollars for the month. I am still well shy of earning enough for a pay out. Worse, the maximum numbers projected are down which makes me wonder if my site has been pushed down by stronger numbers among other publishers. I used to receive a link to the total rankings but haven’t in the last couple of reports. At all events, even a couple of dollars this past month is a couple of dollars I wouldn’t have made otherwise. I am open to my earnings strengthening again though I recognize that is a vague challenge to tackle when my preferred approach is to focus first and foremost on the quality of material I share.

June was the first full month I’ve been using Flattr. I have been very pleased with my earnings and the growth over the part of May I was participating in Flattr’s beta. My earnings in June almost doubled tripled which roughly more than tracks with the number of posts available for flattring each month. I earned a bit over eight euros almost fourteen euro, up from around five the month prior. I don’t have a good sense of how the user base has been growing since Flattr started giving the original beta testers invites. I hope that growth is strong and continues, not just for my benefit but to really prove out the model. My intuition is it is succeeding well so far. (Updated after re-reading my dashboard, I had mistaken an upcoming transactions as a future balance. Thanks to Holger’s comments which draw my attention back to the Flattr dashboard yielding the correction in the positive.)

Donations for June tapered off a bit, probably as a consequence of the custom nerd merit badge experiment winding down. News of the badges being produced and delivered really helped draw attention and encourage new donors. At the end of June I had 13 monthly donors whose contributions tallied up to just shy of $50 which pretty much completely covers my recurring costs for the podcast with a small surplus I intend to set aside against travel expenses for technical conferences next year.

There are nineteen badges left out of the original batch, so plenty for anyone interested in learning their own. That also means that after sending out nine more badges, it will be time to start devoting donations from the final ten towards producing the next batch of fifty badges.

I of course also want to again thank everyone who supported me this past month, regardless of what means they chose to do so.  Even the modest success of covering my media hosting and other service fees and being able to set a few dollars aside is pretty incredible to me for a pursuit I undertake solely in my spare time.

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  1. Wow. Only EUR 8? One can tell that Flattr is mainly a German phenomenon still.

    I had just read the monthly report from Tim Pritlove who runs two of the most popular Flattr sites (CRE and NSFW). His income last month more than quadrupled (EUR 208 -> EUR 875) which apparently was in line with what others reported. (C.f. http://tim.geekheim.de/2010/07/02/flattr-zweiter-streich/ ). Strange that your income should be vaguely flat while that of other dramatically increased…

    1. I double checked my dashboard and I mis-read my earnings for June. I keep reading the “Upcoming Transactions” as current or future balances. So I have a revenue transaction coming up on 7/10, which is the pay date for June. It’s actually a bit over 13 euro. I was subtracting out my earning from last month, thinking that the 13 euro was my new balance.

      So 13 euro is a tripling of income, a bit more consistent with the link you provided. It still isn’t a huge amount of money but given my modest needs, greatly appreciated. I haven’t been mentioning Flattr since I first started using it, so no doubt I could do a little better by drawing attention. I prefer to focus on content, though, often leaving my call for support very general, asking people to visit my support page for more information.

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