Full Talk List for the Next HOPE

Cory at Boing Boing has the news, that the full talk schedule for the Next HOPE is up. The list is as diverse and intriguing as always with talks ranging from security exploits through hacker history and culture to maker projects. HOPE really is the place to be if you are a hacker or maker and can make it to New York in July.

I wish I had the funds to be able to make it up to New York next month. If anyone going wants to call in with a convention report, please email me at feedback@thecommandline.net. I have decided to forego some of my usual science fiction conventions next year in order to attend more technically focused events. HOPE is on my list for 2011 since I’ve always wanted to go and it is just a half day train ride away, hopefully I’ll finally be able to swing it.

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