Album Composed with Algorithmic Swarm

This story from Make is a little different than the couple of other recent AI music stories I’ve written up. In those instances, the music is being generated or processed at a much lower level, in a more integrated fashion. As near as I can tell, the work here, by Evan Merz’s, is more like an audio assemblage that happens to be driven by a predator-prey cellular automata. The inspiration and borrowing from Cage is hardly surprising as so much of his work was governed by a meticulously following of how systems unfolded by seemingly simple rules.

Swarm Controlled Sampler – Becoming Live from Evan Merz on Vimeo.

I enjoyed the three tracks in the embedded video. They are more coherent than I would have guessed but do have a thrilling edge to them arising either from the structural changes the CA wrought or just the knowledge that this form of primal, computational complexity was harnessed in creating these creative expressions.

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