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  • Ofcom sees no evidence of need for net neutrality regulation
    Matthew Lasar at Ars has the news of this conclusion by the UK’s telecom regulatory body. It is a bit surprising given the fervor over the issue here in the States. The only issues I can recall arising with the usual big ISPs are the concerns over Phorm and behavioral advertising. The silver lining is that Ofcom is willing to concede that just because they see no evidence of discriminatory practices now that it might not be an issue down the line.
  • Single bit RAM error
    Knowing this is theoretically possible is one thing. Reading through this detailed post Slashdot links to is another altogether.
  • Mozilla mimics Google’s native client in pure JavaScript
    This is a brilliant follow by The Register to their discussion with the folks at Mozilla yesterday about the future of their browser, in particular their stance against native code and plugins. The demo in question is a photo editing app that they showed off at Velocity. It ran at about 7 FPS compared to the native code at 15 FPS. It isn’t hard to imagine JavaScript improvements closing that gap within a few releases.
  • Facebook distributing code updates with BitTorrent
    This idea, detailed at Velocity and linked by TorrenFreak, seems so familiar. Of course, with a large cluster of nodes, especially if they are geographically distributed, a P2P protocol makes excellent sense for push updates out. My search fu is failing, if someone else did this before, or Facebook hinted at it prior to this presentation, I cannot find it.
  • Quantum memory storage prototype

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