The Pirate Bay’s Founding Group Disbands

Ernesto at TorrentFreak has the full explanation as well as a solid, brief primer on the Piratbyrån and The Pirate Bay.

“The discussions about file-sharing that Piratbyrån wanted to have, are already won,” former Pirate Bay spokesperson and Piratbyrån member Peter Sunde told TorrentFreak. “The projects that needed to start have already been finalized. Piratbyrån was a temporary group for a temporary reason.”

I don’t know that I agree that the need for Piratbyrån is now over. ACTA looms, the debate over Canada’s own DMCA, bill C-32, is heating up considerably. Perhaps in Sweden, the home of the group, Sunde’s observations are true. Or the fact that The Pirate Party has moved the conversation into the halls of the European Parliament, moving the debate to a higher level, suggests that action can and must take on new forms.

I give more credit to the personal reasons for disbanding, the passing of one of the bureau’s members. That catalyzed this decision that had been long debated. I’ve been witness to that sort of event and the ripples, sometimes tsunami scale, it sets off in a formerly cohesive group or project. Perhaps it is all interwoven into the fabric of the group, impossible to tease apart one thread of the decision from another.

I will agree with one implication in the post, that by disbanding, Piratbyrån has invited others to step into the void and carry the conversation and action forward, beyond the questions the group so aptly posed.

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