TCLP 2010-06-23 Switching Back to an Open Stack

This is a feature cast, an episode of The Command Line Podcast.

In the intro, thanks to Paul, Steve and Ryan for their new monthly donations starting this week. Badges are on their way or should be soon.  I also remark on my upcoming 5th anniversary as a podcaster for those that don’t read the blog.

Listener feedback this week is from Jed in response to the Inner Chapter on why programming is hard. I mention the news cast from the 13th, the piece Bruce Sterling mentions about smart-aleck programmers by Jonathan Edwards.

The hacker word of the week this week is fence.

The feature this week is a monologue discussing my decision to move back to an open stack here in the lab. I mention Dan Gillmor’s Salon article discussing the very same thing and my Nowhere to Go rant.


View the detailed show notes online. You can grab the flac encoded audio from the Internet Archive.

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5 Replies to “TCLP 2010-06-23 Switching Back to an Open Stack”

  1. Slightly OT: I tried to use the Flattr for this episode but the link seemed broken. It might just be me though (I doubt it was a temporary network problem because I did it over a wired broadband connection). Clicking on a previous episode worked.

    Just thought you might want to know.

  2. Sorry for that, seems to be working, now. I suspect it is the Flash player that causes problems with the Flattr script, but not all the time. I will eventually replace that particular player since the WordPress plugin that adds it hasn’t been updated in a very long time.

  3. In answer to one of your questions in this episode – I would certainly miss the index marks that you code into tha AAC version of the podcast. While I enjoy the breadth of subject matter that you cover, not every news item resonates and if I find that you don’t have my attention on a given piece I just skip to the next.
    Of course, I appreciate that you’re puting the podcast together unpaid and in your own time and couldn’t sensibly accede to every listener request. You should concentrate your efforts on what benefits the production most. If the AAC version of the ‘cast goes by the wayside, it’s no big deal. I’ll still subscribe to the regular mp3.
    Thanks for your continued efforts on the show.

    1. I suspect if push comes to shove, most won’t unsubscribe if the chapter marks go away. My use of bumper music is intended to help those listening to the non-AAC feeds but with devices or tools that can scrub the audio skip segments as desired. I’ve gotten a decent amount of feedback similar to yours, that while folks enjoy the show, they enjoy it more when they can skip a particular story that is maybe not of interest. I’ll consider tweaking the format further if chapter marks go away to make the scrubbing option that much easier to use.


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