Podcast Fifth Anniversary

Five years ago this coming Friday I began naively rambling into a microphone about whatever sort of technology related stories and topics came to mind. Almost every aspect of the show has changed since then, from how I actually record, edit, mix and master it to the effort and detail invested in the writing behind every element of content. The constants have been following my own peculiar interests where they lead me as unexpected as those destinations may be and the ever growing group of folks, both technology geeks and those of other stripes, who find what I have to say interesting or useful enough so to subscribe week after week.

Looking into the future, I can see continuing the show for some time to come. This project has outlasted everything else in my life to date except my marriage and fatherhood. Finding topics is getting harder but somehow I manage to find ideas worth developing and sharing. I expect my professional and personal experiences will keep fueling that pipeline so long as I am still hacking, both professionally and out of love of just bashing simple bits of code together. Support for the show is going through an amazing transformation. My experiment in offering a small premium, the custom nerd merit badge, to donors succeeded better than I had hoped. I am already planning another experiment in this vein. I am under no illusions about quitting my day job (yet) but am eager to try at some point in the future to fund my attendance at at least one technical conference in the majority from listener support.

I had meant to get word out about this anniversary a bit further ahead of the event but time got away from me. It sort of snuck up on me. As the show has matured, the marking of anniversaries has become less relevant to me personally than other milestones like changes in my production process and the ever present battle to identify topics and guests. I’ve also been distracted with coordinating the upcoming, amazing June CopyNight DC event and my personal journey from using a proprietary operating system in my lab back to an all open stack. (More on the latter in this Wednesday’s show.)

I will set aside a bit of time on next week’s show, to be released on the 30th, to mark this occasion. I hope to be able to snag Cory’s talk at the CopyNight event to share in that show as the feature. Cory’s support and friendship over the last three and a half years has been one of the biggest surprises and certainly one of the most welcome. His planned topic also speaks to the evolution of my thoughts on copyright from curiosity through education to becoming increasingly radicalized so it seems appropriate.

You are also welcome to send me your thoughts about your experience of the show whether it is just over the last year or going all the way back to those humble, awkward beginnings. As always, you can send me email or audio to feedback@thecommandline.net and just let me know if it would be OK to share on the show.

Thank you everyone who has helped me get to this point. I am awed and humbled by the support and hope I will be able to count on it for at least another five years.

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