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I know I don’t usually post anything over the weekend but the podcast, but since I am foregoing this evening’s news cast, here are some thoughts and links on the stories I had set aside.

  • Exploring what powered off transistors can do
    Turns out this EETimes article isn’t about transistors as used in CPUs but rather in other kinds of electronics. The limitations of using them below the normal voltage threshold has promise for analog sensing as is common in medical devices. Imec, Europe’s biggest research center for nano-electronics and nanotechnology is doing some very promising work in this fields. There is a lot more detail in the article of how these transistors would work and the challenges that remain.
  • Gillmor argues investing in the net will save journalism
    Via Cory at Boing Boing. There is no guarantee in what Gillmor, a respected thinker in the realm of journalism, is suggesting. It certainly makes sense to me in terms of bracing the very nature of the internet to has spawned so many disruptive innovations on top of its open and accessible plumbing. The historical example he uses gives hope that his idea will bear fruit though it may be amongst the compost of print journalism as we know it.
  • WikiLeaks inspired media haven passes in Iceland
  • First replicating organism in artificial life system
    Via Hacker News

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