Cory Doctorow at June CopyNight DC

This month’s CopyNight DC will have a very special speaker–Cory Doctorow. This event, “How Copyright Threatens Democracy: A Conversation with Cory Doctorow” is being co-sponsored by New America Foundation and Public Knowledge.

Join Cory Doctorow, co-founder of the UK Open Rights Group, in discussing his dystopian vision of the growing conflict between free speech and the democratic principles of the Internet and the business aims of commercial media giants. Co-hosted by the New America Foundation’s Open Technology Initiative, Public Knowledge and Copynight DC, Doctorow combines his perspective as an author, activist, co-editor of Boing Boing to outline the threats to a free and open Internet, speech, creativity and fair use, and innovation from boundless copyright protections. Looking forward, Doctorow’s prediction is bleak:

This means war. It is time to stop treating the industry’s fight over copyright as a brush-war over creativity. The commercial media giants’ business models and ambitions are increasingly incompatible with a free and open Internet, and hence a free and open society.

New America Foundation is generously providing the venue and live video streaming and there will be light refreshments on offer thanks to Public Knowledge. The talk will be open to the public but please do visit the event page and RSVP. Copies of “Little Brother” and “For the Win” will be available for sale and signing by the author.

Schedule allowing, we will be adjourning after the talk to Mackey’s for a meet and greet and informal key signing party. If you are already using PGP/GPG or were inspired to start using a key pair after reading “Little Brother”, join us in extending the web of trust. Bring your key info (Key ID, Key Type, Hex Fingerprint and Key Size info) and a couple of forms of identification.

I will post a confirmation on the after talk activities once I have one, hopefully early this coming week.

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