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  • Adoption of Linux ZFS port hampered by license issues
    There has been a lot of interest in ZFS, including rumors of Apple offering it as a choice for OS X. The feature list is impressive, including a staggering 128-bit address space, snapshotting to provide native support for rolling back the state of the disk, and some novel concepts around managing disks and volumes. Unfortunately Sun’s license choice, as Ryan Paul at Ars Technica explains, prevents the merging upstream of the recent Linux port or distribution of the file system in binary form. My understanding is that license compatible alternatives already available for Linux are catching up, if not already comparable.
  • Android 2.2, FroYou, hacked to run on iPhone 3G
    Wired has details of another early stage port, again targeting an older model iPhone. I am pleased the hacking community undertaking these ports is bringing the latest Android features but wonder when they’ll get around to a port, stable or like this one unstable, for 1G iPod Touches.
  • Chrome Frame beta brings welcome improvements
  • Broadband technical advisory group set to launch
  • More on broadband advisory group
    The emphasis of this group’s efforts will be on trying to define what constitutes reasonable network management, Nate Anderson at Ars Technica explains. The problem with that, as he points out, is users are left out of the cold. At least one public interest group, the Open Internet Coalition, is already speaking up though more over concerns that the proposed BITAG could sap the FCC’s “third way” plan. This certainly echoes earlier concerns about the first suggestions of a loophole for reasonable network management.
  • What’s new in PostgreSQL 9.0
    Via Slashdot
  • Eye sight control for smart phones

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