The Merit Badges Have Arrived

At long last, I arrived home to find a courier envelope from Nerd Merit Badges. Inside were the badges, a roll of glue dots, the backing cards, and a hand written note from John and Randy.


I will send out the first badges this weekend. I don’t have an ETA on the charter badges, I need to figure out when my wife has the time to add the “su” and I have to make up the certificates though I’ve got a solid idea for the design and the text. I am very glad to finally be in the last stages of this experiment. It has been fun but also very instructive. I’ll write up some more thoughts on it when I am a bit more coherent. In the meantime, not all these first badges are claimed, if you’d like one, donations of $20 or more or any amount of recurring monthly donation qualifies you to receive one.

Details on how to make a donation can be found on the support page.

2 Replies to “The Merit Badges Have Arrived”

  1. Short of a search through the archives, how does one make said contribution? This $20 is trying hard to escape on it’s own and I’d like to give it some meaningful direction. As the admin of these here parts I guess you’ll be privy to my email address. 🙂

    1. Just click on the support link at the top of the page. There are PayPal buttons there or you can save me the transaction fee by sending me the money directly through PayPal. Either way, make sure your address gets included and it is up to date.

      And thank you!

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