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  • Linux does scale
    In case there was any doubt in anyone’s mind, Glyn Moody shares the latest from a site tracking OS distribution in the high performance computing market. The latest growth, to 91%, thoroughly debunks the notion for two reasons. First is simply the incredible push from an already high fraction of the market to an even higher one. Second is that this hard climb coincided with a renewed pouring of resources into this market by Microsoft which barely registers at 1%.
  • New UK government follows US’s open government direction
    Simon Phipps has news of the memo that came out over the weekend. He also catches out the first problem with the initiative, that the data formats aren’t clearly specified which could lead to a lot of open but still largely useless data.
  • Quit Facebook day flopped
    As The Register explains, not even one percent of Facebook’s users signed up. The group cites the difficulty in overcoming the network effect rather than acceptance of the current state of the privacy controls. I am still on the service for that reason, though for me the number of connections so small but vital.
  • Program uses school kids thumb prints to check out library books
    My youngest son would totally forget a library card but all the same, this program described by Slashdot sits very uneasily with me. Although the school official quoted defending the system said it was entirely voluntary, there are no details in that extended quote of how students may opt out. I have to agree with the criticisms that this sets a dangerous precedent and behavioral norm.

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