Post Balticon Catch Up

I’ve been home from Balticon for half a day, at least, and still am deeply weary. I promise to write out some more coherent, extensive thoughts on my experiences, all constructive and enjoyable, when I am more caught up on my rest. I have audio from two panels I will be sharing this week and next. This will give me an opportunity to get caught up on writing features without straining my brain. That poor organ is currently awash in a vicious stew of fatigue toxins.

I did manage to get caught up on my feeds, only making all as read on the one or two with the highest volume and lowest signal-to-news ratio. I don’t think these few stories that interested me require much comment. All to the good as I cannot manage anything terrifically insightful at the moment. I will re-engage more fully with my reading, thoughts and writing on the blog tomorrow.

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