One More Word about Balticon

For those that read the blog more than listen to the podcast, a heads up that blogging will be minimal tomorrow and on Monday. I doubt I will have time to read through my usual slog of feed items let alone write up even summary notes for those days. I usually don’t post over the weekend, so there should be little change there. I may be able to manage some notes from the con, I like being able to capture impressions and daily goings on when they are still fresh. No promises there but I’ll do my best.

If you will be at Balticon tomorrow night, you could of course swing by the FLOSS and Tech Geek BoF and chat with me about the news of the day anyway. I’ll be in the bar with my bean bag Tux and a table sign from 9PM until 11PM. I’ll try to snag a larger table. I usually get pretty good wireless reception with my iPod so you can try to @ message me on Twitter or if you have trouble finding the BoF.

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