A Firefox Sync Client for the iPhone

I found this announcement at the Mozilla blog a little surprising. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve explained before how much I want a full port of Fennec, Mozilla’s mobile browser, that would run on my aging iPod Touch. It is surprising exactly because Mozilla has said they will never undertake such a port. I fully understand and accept their reasoning for refusing to do so.

Firefox Home seems like a practical compromise, gluing together the Firefox Sync service with the mobile version of WebKit. Much like other networked applications on the iPhone it will be able to switch to a browser window having to switch away to Safari. Think about how you can view links in just about every social messaging client commonly used on the iPhone. The demo video shows Firefox Home providing a pretty simple, usable experience interacting with synchronized data.

The announcement has actually pushed me towards pulling my bookmarks out of del.icio.us, the social features of which I simply do not use, and importing them into Firefox where I am already running Sync for everything but bookmarks. The only question that remains in my mind is whether Apple will approve Firefox Home. I don’t see why the wouldn’t but you never really know, do you?

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