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No time for digging into any of these more deeply, I need to be on my way soon to CopyNight DC.

  • OpenBook creator offers advice on simpler Facebook privacy controls
    Ryan Single at Wired has a screen shot of what Will Moffat, creator of the hacktivist tool OpenBook, is proposing. I still think this is missing the point. Friends of friends and Everyone are too opaque. The slider is not a bad idea, itself, but it needs to be coupled with previews or examples to expose the non-obvious consequences of the classes of audience to share with.
  • Rumblings of communications act update
    Matthew Lasar at Ars Technica has the details. I agree that in the short term, this could bolster the FCC’s attempts to move forward in network neutrality, especially if the “third way” plan falters. The very drive towards network neutrality could cause the draft to take some time. As Lasar explains, we’ve learned a lot since the last update to the law, in 96, but it still largely doesn’t cover the internet. A light touch is still probably in order as there is so much about what is essential and what is accidental we don’t fully understand, yet.
  • Sen. Ensign urges FCC to abandon “third way” for now
    Cecilia Kang’s story at the Post is a corollary to the possibility of an overhaul to the communications act. Unlike other criticisms, the urgings by Sen. Ensign aren’t based on opposition to network neutrality but anticipating updated, more appropriate enforcement powers explicitly granted by Congress better tailored to ISPs and the Internet.
  • New privacy-protecting search engine
    I’d heard of Duck Duck Go but hadn’t realized exactly what made it so different. The policies that make the search engine privacy preserving seem very simple but effective and MIT Tech Review praises it for the quality of its results. I’ve added it to my browser and need to add a command to Mozilla Ubiquity (my real search interface) to try it out.
  • EFF action alert to contact elected reps about ACTA
    The details are in the alert, including the committee members that are especially critical to reach on the continuing threat to balanced copyright presented by ACTA.

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