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  • Detailed case study of using wikis at the State Department
    Nate Anderson at Ars writes about a white paper detailing the adoption and implementation of wikis at a federal department notoriously backwards in its use of technology. The highlights he pulls out are as fascinating for the interaction between open source and government as they are for the motivations and impacts of this kind of technologically mediated change in how workers collaborate and share knowledge.
  • Sprint Evo 4G rooted
    As Make explains, this was accomplished nearly two weeks before the device’s launch though details are scant and the claim is as yet unconfirmed. Given that the Evo runs Android, rooting is arguably easier to accomplish then cracking a wholly proprietary platform like the iPhone. If the rooting can be reproduced, though, it adds another hacker friendly smart phone to the list.
  • Microsoft releases open source Outlook tools
    As Paula Rooney at ZDNet explains, Microsoft is releasing the tools to encourage cross platform development based on access and details of the personal data storage component of Outlook. Pretty low risk for the software giant, if you ask me, as true value resides with the groupware server, not with any client side capabilities. I’d suggest the best bet is to use the tools to improve extracting valuable info to effect an exodus from the proprietary server.

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