FLOSS and Tech Geek BoF at Balticon 44


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Last year I organized an ad hoc birds-of-a-feather gathering of techie geeks and free software and open source enthusiasts at Balticon. It was part of my plan to increase my enjoyment of the convention by indulging my enlightened self interest. As you might imagine, the overlap between fandom and tech geekery is pretty large. We had a decent turn out for an unofficial event I promoted mostly through Twitter and Identi.ca.

I had such a good time, I am planning on reprising this BoF. If you are coming to Balticon and are a technology enthusiast or interested in FLOSS, come and find me in the bar Friday night. I’ll be there from 9PM to 11PM and will once again have my Tux table sign and my bean bag Tux out to help folks find me.

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