feeds | grep links > Go in Use at Google, Another Facebook Privacy Gaffe, New UK Gov Promises Changes, and Mozilla Contemplating an App Store

  • Google dogfooding Go for some of its services
    The Register has the details uncovered at Google I/O. While no one from Google would say what services, exactly, were built or re-built in the new language, they assure us they are real and significant. This confirms speculation that Go would not displace Python, per se, but complement that language’s use within the search giant.
  • Facebook, others caught sharing personal data with advertisers
    The Wall Street Journal broke the story though details at first were a bit vague. Marshall Kirkpatrick at RWW dug a bit further and found some legitimate cause for concern. Facebook has already responded by making some code changes to stem the info leak.
  • New British government makes some promising commitments
    Nate Anderson at Ars Technica has the full list includes scrapping the national ID card plan, increasing regulation of CCTVs along with a number of other restoration of civil liberties, improving the standing of open source, opening up public data, and committing to broadband access. Anderson also notes this same government has promised to roll back the worst of the Digital Economy Act.
  • Mozilla is now contemplating a web application store
    I still don’t understand exactly how this model is going to work with online applications but at least Mozilla is considering a version that includes their commitment to open standards. Sarah Perez at RWW has the details and a simple comparison to what must have spurred the idea, Google’s application store for Chrome announcement.

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