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  • IP terrorism against Usenet providers pushes one to overreact
    enigmaz at TorrentFreak explains after recapping the couple of earlier copyright actions against Usernet providers. Giganews has apparently been so scared by the bankruptcy if Newzbin and the smoking crater of a ruling against Usenet.com that they served an overreaching letter warning of a ToS breach to a tool maker whose software has substantially non-infringing uses.
  • ENIAC documentary highlights women in early computing
    Via Hacker News, this ABC News piece explains how some early computing pioneers, women involved with ENIAC, might have been overlooked if not for a documentary being made specifically to highlight their contribution to computing history.
  • Feds to coax states to collect more DNA
    As the Wired article explains, this is under the auspices of improving data sharing and collaboration between law enforcers. The bill in question hasn’t passed yet but early signs indicate it is likely to do so. The unintended privacy risks are the main concern in the minds of critics, the potential for abuse, data breach and the like.

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