Good stuff. FFox is a little bloated, but that is my addons I suspect.

Some recent introductions to other browsers are a step forward for (the source of much bloat IMHO). But – there is a small collection of add-ons that allow me to work faster and better: Firebug, HTTPFox, Devtools, delicious, and a few others.

The hard core web programmers will be the last to leave FFox because of the power these tools represent.

Safari is a poor user experience IMHO, Chrome is good but..and on Linux it is a train wreck for me. Opera could step up, but that gonna take the jaws of life to get their collective head out of…well you know…

I think browser addons make life better but a super-kill-switch would be awesome. If a browser was a car, FFox would be a fast car pulling a trailer of cement (the addons). Allowing me to leave the trailer behind for casual browsing (not work) would help.

That memory leak ever fixed? Auto update (options) for Flash would help. Fixing some of the documented bugs that have been in the system for years would also help.

My $0.02. Thx Thomas!