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  • Time to retire “info wants to be free”
    Cory’s latest Guardian column makes a thoughtful suggestion with regards to putting to rest Stewart Brand’s famous aphorism from the advent of the information age. He unpacks the much more nuanced interests of those big content wants to make out as info-anarchists. He suggests focusing more on the freedom of the net or more simply people.
  • Another attack on quantum cryptography
    As the post at Slashdot explains, this one relies on the normal error rate with which quantum crypto systems have to deal. The researchers have shown they can recover some information without raising the error rate above the previously acceptable level. I wrote about an earlier attack on quantum key distribution towards the end of last year.
  • More on those responsible for malware
    Earlier Brian Krebs had an article exploring the shallow end of the pool of online crime, an individual phisher responsible for an alarming number of attack sites. Today he discusses a Russian businessman whose reputation he has looked into before. Now, a Russian politico has spurred a government inquiry into the allegedly nefarious online criminal organizing and activity of “Redeye”, Pavel Vrublevsky.

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