feeds | grep links > Google Explains WiFi Data Gaffe, Findings on Browser Finger Printing and Apple Shuts Out HyperCard Clone

  • Google explains WiFi data collection
    On their own blog, Google confirms the details from the story late last week. It still doesn’t answer my questions about how this could have gone on so long unnoticed and why they’d need to take time to figure out if and how to delete the data in question.
  • Results in from EFF’s browser finger printing research
    As suspected, a very high percentage of browsers are uniquely identifiable without access to any personal info or cookies, just based on other information the browser reports about itself in the form of plugins. Adding Java or Flash to the browser makes unique finger printing an almost certainty. Links to the paper detailing the findings and the project site are available at EFF.
  • Apple’s SDK agreement shuts out HyperCard Clone
    I’ll give that they are being consistent in the application of their license term but this seems like another bad move given the fondness many developers feel towards this older technology that inspired much we take for granted about the web today.

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