No Show Tonight

Yesterday’s outing to duplicate DVDs at NARA2 for the International Amateur Scan League was very productive. I had my friend, John Taylor Williams, in tow so that I could provide him a hands on tutorial on the whole process. By the time the archives closed, he seemed like he knew what he was doing in terms of keeping the discs organized (important for re-shecling), double and triple checked as he moved them through the duplicator, and labeled and documented. The idea is that I will keep up my monthly visits and he will start going on his own schedule to increase the amount of material we can get duplicated and shipped off to Carl for ripping and publishing.

As a reward, we stopped for dinner at Franklins which is about ten minutes from the NARA2 campus. We heard something about there possibly being some good, locally brewed beers on offer. That is a story for another blog/podcast but suffice to say it was a very enjoyable end cap to a fruitful day.

The down side, however, is I didn’t really get any writing for this week’s news show done yesterday. And this morning was consumed with preparing for my interview with Cory Doctorow followed by the actual interview.

Rather than trying to rush and get notes written up and recording with a voice that is a little the worse for wear, I decided I would instead spend a bit this afternoon editing the interview audio and the rest of the time resting. There is a DC ACM lecture tomorrow night, the first in a while I actually want to attend. Working today will make it easier to attend the lecture and not be swamped with audio work Tuesday night and better ensure I’ll get the interview with Cory out Wednesday as planned.

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