Technical Difficulties Resolved

Isn’t this always the way? I got a call on my cell phone a couple of hours after I gave up on getting my Fios fixed and headed into work yesterday. Of course, I didn’t check my messages until the end of the day. There was an automated message from Verizon claiming the problem was resolved. I was understandably skeptical.

When I got home, though, I was pleasantly surprised. The internet light on my router was green and re-connecting my wireless router to the fiber router very quickly brought the internet access back to life on my iPod Touch. I know I should be at least a bit concerned about the literal physical relief at having internet access back but I am resigned to my fate as an infovore.

I already re-scheduled my interview with Cory for Sunday and it looks like I’ll be able to keep that appointment. This time around, I made provision for an alternate site at which I can record if this Fios trouble recurs between now and then.

The upshot for all of you is that if you had a question in mind you wanted me to pose to Cory about virtual economies, labor and organization in online spaces, globalization, his writing process, about whatever you are curious that can be related to his latest book, there is still time to send them to me.

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