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  • Google delivers Native Client SDK
    Native Client started as a research project and lately has delivered some very impressive technology demonstrations. According to The Register, Google is moving forward, delivering an SDK so external developers can start building applications in native code that will run in the browser. It is limited to Chromium, the open source version of Chrome, but letting others play with this tool could be the proving point of the idea.
  • Facebook quiet after internal privacy meeting
    No news is no news, as Curt Hopkins explains at RWW in a follow to yesterday’s news that the social networking service was conducting some sort of internal huddle in response to privacy complaints. The most credible explanation is that this wasn’t meant to formulate a response or change policy but simply to allow employees to discuss the issues.
  • Windows 3.1 on Android phone
    This hack, described by The Register, is not quite as cool as Android on the iPhone or any of the other more useful ports but it is amusing and I figured I would link to it in the interest ofcompleteness.

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