The Merit Badges Are Complete

Just as I was going to ping John and Randy at Nerd Merit Badges for an updated, they sent me one unsolicited. The badges are back from the embroiderer, hurray!


All that remains is for them to print up the backing cards and send me the lot–badges, glue dots and cards all separate. Getting the parts separate will make it easier to add the additional embroidery to the ten charter badges, then I can assemble all the badges owed and get them into the post.

Twenty three out of this initial batch of fifty are spoken for. I hadn’t realized it was almost half of them though I knew it was quite a few more than the original ten that helped subsidize the initial production. Once forty have been claimed, the donations that qualify for the final ten will be used to subsidization production of the next batch of fifty.

I have been incredibly delighted at the continuing participation in this experiment. Right now, the recurring donations add up to $33 a month, enough to cover my media and web server hosting, both (well, before PayPal’s fees anyway). My Skype Pro subscription is still uncovered as are my domain registration fees but those bill quarterly and annually respectively. I want to thank everyone who has contributed to the success of this project so far.

As I’ve said, I would be happy for either this program or the advertising experiment to provide a surplus that could help with travel expenses to get out to open source and technical conferences. I am also brain storming ideas for a bigger premium to better reward larger donations and higher commitments by monthly donors. I am happy to receive suggestions and would like to find something as unique, fun and geeky as these badges. I love the idea of being able to cultivate this success further to furnish resources that I can start applying to the show beyond just covering its costs.

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