Technical Difficulties

It has been a hell of a morning. The plan for the day was to work from home so that at the end of the work day I would be in studio so I could conduct an interview with Cory Doctorow to help with the publicity around his new book, “For the Win”. Imagine my horror when finding my internet completely out on awaking. An hour of self directed trouble shooting and two more on the fun with a very nice representative from Verizon failed to resolve the problem. The stars must have been right because my rep even managed to get a network engineer to help us while I was on that call. He was utterly stumped and the up shot is I should be receiving a new router that they are shipping to me overnight. I am not optimistic that will help but it sure could not hurt.

I am very grateful that Cory’s handlers on his current book tour stop and his publicist at Tor were so responsive and so understanding when I got into the office and back online so I could ask about re-scheduling. It looks like I may be able to snag a window this weekend, I am just trying to pin down an alternate space to record in my internet is still out by then before locking in the rescheduled date and time.

On top of that, I upgraded the Flattr WordPress widget last night and it has wreaked havoc on all the neat little orange and green buttons on my site, within each of my posts, and in my feed. I have put in some calls for help after doing what I could on my own to try to trouble shoot the plugin. Many of the buttons are still on and working but the one of the sticky post, the latest podcast episode is completely borked. Please bear with me as I try to get the Flattr buttons back to a non-borked state.

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  1. I seem to have sorted out most of the issues with Flattr with a bit of help from their support folks. I am still not happy at how their JavaScript is affecting my page loads and may pester them about it, either to improve their code in that regard or to see if I can get the plugin to render a static version of the button that doesn’t rely on any JavaScript.

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