Flattr Beta

I wrote about Flattr a few months back and shortly after signed up for a beta invitation. That invitation arrived this morning and I have registered for the new micropayment service and installed their WordPress plugin. I have also submitted my blog and podcast feeds so they”ll show up in Flattr’s central directory.

If you are also a beta user, feel free to Flattr the site, the podcast, or any specific entries you like. Flattr is much more fine grained than the PayPal donations so I am curious to see how well it works. As a supporter (you have to give with Flattr in order to receive, though I already do give through other means to projects I really enjoy) I like how Flattr proposes to consolidate my support through a single monthly micropayment. As a creator, I expect it may encourage more support as it scales way down to even sending just pennies per Flattr.

With the plugin support for this site, you can also Flattr individual entries as well as the entire site. That’s a nice benefit that may also encourage support in direct response to particular valuable posts.

Like the advertising and the premiums for donors, I view this as an experiment. I’ll reserve the current premium, the custom merit badge, for larger one time donations and the PayPal monthly options until I see what sort of activity Flattr generates. I like the idea of Flattr and so far it is very easy to use. As with my other experiments with generating support to cover my costs, I’ll post updates with my thoughts as this experiment evolves.

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