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  • Brief, incomplete and mostly wrong history of programming languages
    Via Cory at Boing Boing. You don’t have to be a programmer to get all the humor here but it sure helps. It helps a lot, much of the humor is likely to be missed by the laiety. No, actually, I doubt they’ll miss it very much. More for us.
  • New technique for fabricating nanodot memory
    The use of ferrous nano materials for storage isn’t particularly new. What the MIT Technology Review points out is an improvement in how the particles are aligned and arranged, demonstrated by researchers at NCSU. The challenge up to this point is that the physical and magnetic alignment were difficult to ensure were both correct. Several other challenges remain before tackling practical applications.
  • New form of graphene promises improved chip cooling
    The Register explains how a form of the carbon molecule that more closely approaches the ideal, infinitely large, one molecule thick material could eventually lead to improved cooling. Bill Daly’s recent rallying cry for better parallelism in computing was at least partially prompted by the power and thermal load issues forming effective constraints on Moore’s law.

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