Another Pay-What-You-Will Experiment Succeeds

Slashdot has the news of the ultimate success of a bundle of games offered by indie game maker, Wolfire, including several popular titles from other developers too. Asking that you pay what you felt the bundle is worth and offering to share proceeds with either or both of EFF and Child’s Play, the experiment has brought in a million dollars, a soft goal Wolfire had set at the beginning.

As a reward for helping reach this goal, the deal gets even better. Four out of the six games (the bundle original included five but added another one shortly after starting) will have their source code released. It is also worth noting that all of the games included are DRM free and run on Linux, Mac and Windows.

I see successes like these as the most compelling rebuttal of the anti-piracy rhetoric put forward by many distributors. If piracy and profit were zero sum, it would be impossible to explain how many of these experiments turn out so successfully. In this case, I think the charity component, the time limit and the amazing initial reaction in the infosphere contributed much, giving us some more data to consider in how to work to achieve repeated success with pay-as-you-will offers.

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