Me, in Cartoon Form

I have been cartoon-ized (or is that cartoon-ified?) by Natalie Metzger, the artistic minion responsible for the ongoing cartoon exploits of the evil overlords at The Secret Lair podcast. I believe she did so as part of Chris’ and KJ’s diabolical plan to entrap the souls of their minions through a crazed scientific experiment involving ink, loads of electricity, and some rare isotopes of kaztenjamonium.

secret_lair_cmdln.jpg secret_lair_cmdln_v2.jpg

Natalie produced two fun versions, differing solely in the background she used. I like them both, the first one has tons of little gags embedded in the background. (click on the thumbnails above to see either at full size.) The other one has me wishing I could see the obscured source code, I think I might need that for a current project for the evil overlords.

I have appeared on The Secret Lair more than once. I also have been asked to contribute as one of their minions, their hacker in residence, but haven’t found the time to do so yet. (That and I am self aware enough to realize I am not especially good at comedy writing.)

Thanks, Natalie! These avatars are fun though now that she has my likeness, I am a little nervous at how I might appear in a future Secret Lair cartoon. The cartoon version of the lair is not the healthiest place for cartoon minions.

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