feeds | grep links > Diaspora is Funded, Single Molecule Computes at Insane Speed, MPEG 7 Will Make Content ID Easier, and Plans for Firefox 4

  • Diaspora reaches its KickStarter funding goal
    Over the weekend the open source, distributed social network project, Diaspora, reached its funding goal of $10K. The four founders won’t start work for a bit yet as they need to finish finals, graduate, and then spend a couple of weeks preparing for a three month coding marathon.
  • Single molecule shown to computer thousands of times faster than a PC
    As Popular Science explains, this is a specific and limited demonstration computing a Fourier transform at an amazing clip. It is difficult to predict if this speed will apply to more generalized apparatus or the more practical interfaces we’ll need to harness this or any other form of quantum computing.
  • New video standard will have content identification built in
    From big content’s view, what Slashdot describes for Mpeg 7 makes sense. It would directly solve the problems with filtering existing video on YouTube and other sites. For the rest of us, it is another reason to push hard on open and unencumbered standards for video sharing online, like Ogg Theora and Google’s newly opened VP-8.
  • Mozilla’s plans for Firefox 4
    Frederic Lardinois at RWW has the details of a roadmap announcement from Mozilla. I am very glad to see they are far from conceding the browser speed race to Chrome. I can’t wait until we start seeing some early access builds demonstrating the key elements of this plan.

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