Interview on Hacker Public Radio

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by sigflup, one of the regular correspondents for Hacker Public Radio. She produces and intermittently releases Uber Leet Hacker Force Radio which highlights software releases to which she contributed and features interviews with some fascinating fellow hackers. HPR is a fun and deeply hackish collaboration that includes amongst its cadre of contributors many regular presenters at various hacker conventions. The shows cover a wide range in content and audio quality but all share a singularly hacker bent.

sigflup and I had nice chat about all aspects of parallel computing. There is another interview, with cobra2 of, and some code releases in the first part of the episode. My interview starts at about the twenty-three minute mark. The audio quality is a bit rough but I find it to be listenable.

I want to thank sigflup for having me on her show. The conversation was wonderfully technical and fun to stretch into a direction I don’t normally discuss this deeply. HPR puts out podcasts by hackers for hackers so is a great opportunity to really cut loose.

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