feeds | grep links > EP Debating Data Sharing, Minister Wants Canadian DMCA Critics to Shut Up, Cablevision Refuses to Cave, and New Hard Drive Techniques Drive 1TB per Inch Density

  • EU Parliament scrutinizes data sharing agreements
    EFF has a good update on the state of rules for international sharing of data between law enforcement agencies culminating in the current debates on the subject before the EU Parliament.
  • Minister Moore wants critics to shut up about Canadian DMCA until tabled
    At least we have confirmation of a new bill, according to Professor Geist. If the draft was not another attempt at C-61, he’d clearly be more open to discussion or would have a basis for denying this early speculation.
  • Cablevision takes a stand within the constraints of its ruling
    Nate Anderson at Ars Technica explains that despite the SCOTUS ruling the legalize Cablevision’s network DVR at the expense of it being limited to behaving exactly like a local DVR, the company is refusing to cave to further pressure from big content. At issue is the DVRs ability to fast forward through commercials, which any other DVR can do legally.
  • New hard drive write techniques increase density considerably
    Casey Johnston at Ars Technica explains how a couple of existing techniques to get around physical limits on drive density have been shown that they can be combined, overcoming the limits inherent in each, to drive storage density up to one terabyte perinch.

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